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Elemental NatureSM massage, body treatments and services

Every massage begins with a thorough, professional consultation and our hydro-therapy foot bath with pure Aveda salts. Immediately begin to release tension as aqua-therapy jets of water gently massage the pressure points of the feet.

Only Aveda pure essential oils are chosen and combine for your particular Elemental NatureSM profile preparing your mind and body for the massage of your choice and the repair and recovery each individual needs.

Massage is no longer considered a luxury. Daily stress, body aches, illness and injury are reduced and may be eliminated by a variety of massage techniques, including but not limited to Swedish, deep tissue, energy work, acupressure, and foot reflexology. Appointment times include time for consultation.

Choose from the menu below; call us or come in for more information:

Choose an area of needs for pure focus to renew your sense of well being

Focus on the results you need for overall physical and mental relaxation

Massage results are enhanced with extended time and recovery techniques

For the individual needing therapeutic relief for pain, discomfort, and tension

Smooth, warm lava stones combine with skilled touch for a heightened sense of rejuvenation and renewal along with the sensory experience of Aveda oils.

This innovative, balancing, centering treatment features Aveda Chakra™ Blends with deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles with foot reflexology to enhance the benefits of stress-relief, decreased muscle tension, and increased energy. This also includes a chakra sensory journey during our Conservatory footbath. Enhance every massage service with a 20-minute session on our dry infrared sauna. It warms muscles and ligaments, reduces inflammation, increases metabolism, and too many other benefits to mention. Go to special spa enhancements for more information.

Massage created to relieve prenatal discomfort and stress (in the second and third trimester preferably). She deserves the special attention we can give.

Result focus massage packages are available in a series of six massages. When you purchase five massages, the sixth massage is included, as a gift with your purchase. They must be used within the calendar year of purchase date.

Body Treatments

Every body treatment and service is designed to attain proven results in harmony with the philosophies which The Conservatory supports. We use only the purest, natural products, reduce consumer waste, and conserve our natural resources and energy whenever possible. Our body treatments are created to be reliable. We always welcome our feedback.

Rejuvenate and nurture your body and create inner calm with plants from Caribbean and healing touch. Begin with dry exfoliation then warm seaweed for back and foot masques to smooth and detoxify while enjoying a scalp and face massage. Finish with our rich emollients for moisture.

Bring purity and balance to the skin on the back with exfoliation, back massage, and masque therapy. Perfect for skin challenges on your back, seasonal changes, or a special occasional event.

Unique treatment for the prenatal body, during the second and third trimester only, for the stretching skin on the tummy area. Relieves tightness, itching, and general discomfort with light exfoliation, warm masques for the skin and special attention from our caring staff.

Enhance any body-treatment with our Tsunami shower appointment to our dry infrared sauna appointment. Go to spa enhancements for more information.